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Summary of "Vinnitsa, Ukraine" series:

My father loved his camera. He was always taking candid photos of us living our best childhood. I’ve always been grateful so much was documented. However, my favorite photos that we owned were always the ones he took as a young man in Ukraine. The pictures showed stories of his life in rural Ukraine, right before the Soviet collapse. Though my parents moved us to the United States shortly after my brother and I were born; I was able to learn much about their life through the photos they brought together. In creating these pieces, I wanted to be able to share the “storybook” feeling I would get when we would watch family slides together. It was a whole different world, so much different from the “shininess” of the United States. With time, memories fade as if they did not happen, and these felt too important to fade. Hopefully, capturing them in artwork keeps that memory alive a little longer.

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