I am Viktoriya. I am a Ukrainian-born American living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. My formal education lies in graphic design, but I've always been drawn to an artistic and “imperfect” human touch in art. I generally work with different mediums such as oils, acrylics, and resin epoxy.
Currently, I work full-time as a graphic designer in Harrisonburg, Virginia.


In working through the insecurities of becoming my own person, creating large and confident paintings was a way to explore who I wanted to be and why. It was a direct coorelation in embracing the somewhat exuberant personality that sometimes creep

to the surface more often than not.


In each piece, I work to embrace everything I love about an image; the colors, the mood,

the excess of pattern, or even how pleasant adding thick strokes of paint can feel. Creating large and vivid art, has allowed a confidence to build that slowly tends to transition into my

day to day life. 


As time goes on, I hope to build myself and my artwork into braver, bigger, livelier, and more fascinating pieces. :) And hopefully to inspire YOU to be bold as well.

Artist Statement.

For my latest collection of work, "The Quiet Place", I’ve chosen to paint women, as I like to put myself in the subject’s point of view while I create. I try and contemplate think about what they might be thinking about or feeling in that moment.  I chose to keep the style loose and painterly, so the viewer can fill in the details with their own emotions and memories. Recently, I have been most inspired by areas of highly contrasting lights and shadows. There is something about long rays of sunshine peeking through a window that makes me feel both nostalgic, and peaceful. - October 2020.

Current/Recent Solo Exhibitions

  • 2020 - Wilson Downtown Gallery, “Summer Persuasion”, Harrisonburg, VA

  • 2020 - By & By Gallery “Viktoriya Samoylov”, Staunton, VA

  • 2018 - Gaines Group Architects, “Cheaper Than Therapy”, Harrisonburg, VA

Current/Recent Group Exhibitions

  • Boomer Gallery, "Colour Boom", London, UK - 2020

  • Artisan’s Loft, “Art From the Heart”, Staunton, VA - 2020

  • SVAC, “40 under 40”,   Waynesboro, VA - 2020

  • Spitzer Art Center, “6x6x30”, Harrisonburg, VA - 2020

  • Pale Fire Brewing, “Cards from Home”,
    Harrisonburg, VA - 2020


  • Artisan’s Loft , “The Colors of Spring”, Staunton, VA - 2019

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  • Artisan's Loft - Staunton, VA

  • Wilson Downtown Gallery, Harrisonburg, VA

Online Galleries & Publications

  • Candyfloss Magazine, “Birthday Issue” - May 20, 2020

  • Artful LineupBlog, “Monthly Lineup”- May, July, October, 2020

  • Envision Arts, “Summer - A Contemporary Collective” - July 2020

  • Contemporary Art Gallery Online, “Water/Seascape” - August 2020

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