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About the Artist

Viktoriya Samoylov is a Ukrainian-born American living in the ever beautiful Shenandoah Valley. She works as a graphic designer during the day and as an acrylic painter in her remaining time. She enjoys exhibiting locally in her community's coffee shops, galleries, and restaurants. 

Her work has been also been featured in CandyFloss magazine, Boomer Gallery in London, and virtual exhibitions such as Envision Arts and Contemporary Art Gallery Online. She is also a proud member of “All She Makes”, an all female curated artist directory as well as the "Visionary Art Collective". Her most recent published work were illustrations for Amber Showalter's "Death Will be Our Curfew" book of poetry.

Viktoriya lives in the small town of Grottoes, VA with her husband, two cats, and two dogs. Her favorite things include reading books from Reese's Booklist, watering her plants, or binging the latest mystery show (or something silly like "Emily in Paris", who are we kidding...). When not being a hermit, she prefers to go out for coffee or dinner with her favorite people. 

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