Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun

Acrylic Painting on Glass with Textured Medium.

34.5"x34.5" framed.

Wired and ready to hang.

Local Pick up only - will not ship.

Created October, 2020.



Like most people, this year hasn’t been my favorite. However, I got to experience some things I never had before, which I thought were positive. I got to learn how to grow my own flower garden. I’ve never done that before! One of my favorite parts was watching the sunflowers grow, especially the Mammoth ones. I loved coming out in the mornings with my coffee and “puttering” around, checking each plant, to see which ones will make it through my smothering of attention throughout the spring. Granted, many didn’t. But the sunflowers thrived! And they brought so much happiness to my mornings. Now that the season is changing over to fall, the sunflower fields around our valley are in full glory. I always feel like they “look at the bright side” since they follow the sun around. :) To me, this year, sunflowers have been such a symbol of positivity, so I wanted to create something a little special to commemorate it. 

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