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Live Wedding Painting - Now Available!

Live wedding painting services are the newest addition to my portfolio, and let me tell you, it's been an incredible experience. I've had the pleasure of serving couples in Rockingham County, Albemarle County, and Augusta County so far, but I'm always open to travel for weddings. The opportunity to capture the essence of a couple's big day in real-time on canvas is an absolute honor, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to offer this unique service.

The process starts with a conversation with the bride and groom about their vision for the painting. We discuss canvas size and the type of scene they would like me to capture. Once we've established these details, I arrive at the wedding location a few hours early to create the base of the painting. This allows me to focus on the couple and their guests during the rest of the wedding.

When the celebration begins, I start working on the couple and the fine details around them. I'm constantly observing, looking for the special moments and unique details that will bring the painting to life. Generally, the painting is completed by the end of the wedding, but I take it home to finish up and perfect any details. The following week, I add the finishing touches, varnish the painting, and provide all necessary hardware for the couple to easily hang it in their home.

I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming year and the opportunity to create more memorable souvenirs for newlyweds. Take a look at the photos from the last two weddings I've painted, and you'll see how much joy and beauty there is in this experience. I look forward to hearing from more couples and capturing their cherished day on canvas for everlasting memories.

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