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Happy Creek Coffee

A few years back, my husband and I went to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia for an anniversary trip. On the way back, we stopped by a coffee shop that boasted all gluten free pastries. Being the always-hungry human that I am, and having had to eat sub par gluten free pastries (if even any) at coffee shops, I was ecstatic. When we got there, everything was gluten free! The breakfast, the muffins, the paninis, I could believe it. So I ordered myself a waffle and loaded up on goodies to have later. The coffee was just wonderful as well. They had beautiful art on the walls, and I told my husband, "wouldn't it be cool to have a show here one day?"

Flash forward two years, and the manager of Happy Creek (who used to work in town in a local cafe), reaches out and asks if I'd like to show artwork for a few months. Turns out it was a second location, but nevertheless, I was so excited. I'll have artwork up for November + December in the Plains location, in northern Virginia. Please come by! You won't regret it. :)

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