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Guitar Project

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Towards the end of last year, I came across a cool project that our local "Oasis Gallery" was doing in town. Oasis had been donated student guitars, and were having artists repurpose and make them into pieces of art for a fundraiser. Because they've allowed quite a bit of time until the show, this had me inspired to take a little longer and get a little more involved in the guitar than I first anticipated.

So I thought it'd be fun to document! Edit: You can view some of the process here (2:11):

A little blurb about them from my initial email I received:

OASIS is partnering with the Harrisonburg Music Teachers Association (HMTA) to raise

funds for the program “Music in Every Home”. The HMTA program seeks to provide 25

families with 25 musical instruments in the Harrisonburg, VA area by 2025. This also

includes 6 months of instruction.

Our first partnering event will use guitars provided by Yamaha Corporation; these guitars

were given to OASIS with the requirement that none of them would be used as musical


My guitar initially started like this: (Image from Amazon).

I had the hardest time choosing what I wanted to do with it. Finally, I thought a woodland theme would be nice, as I've been kind of going through a nostalgic phase. I chose a fox and barn swallows. Barn swallows always make me think of my mother, and the fox reminded me of old folk stories she used to tell me. I blocked those in with white first, so the colors over top remain vibrant. I did like the wood color on here, so kept it.

Added some mother of pearl for the barn swallows....

Taped it up for a coat of epoxy (Thanks Art Resin! You can also get some of their beautiful epoxy here: They've also got great tutorials and information on their site.

But wait! Let's add another layer!

Sanding it down...

Sanding it down makes the resin "drawable" with things like colored pencil.

Adding some more detail. Another coat of resin will add fun depth!

Let's paint the back and neck! This was not a good day to paint, it ended up a little windy and the plastic would flutter into the wet paint, so had to resand and start over a little later.

Painters tape taken off....

Now let's add that extra coat! So satisfying to see the shine come back. Ignore my masking tape and color cover :D.

Once resin has cured, time for some accents to bring together the blue back and the front of the guitar face. Using a gold leaf marker.

Golden thread was finally delivered in the mail! Felt like Rumplestiltskin, threading it through the string areas.

And final look! I may add more, but I'll let this simmer for now. I love the way the resin helps it catch even more light!

Thanks for following along! And thanks to Yamaha for donating guitars to the fundraiser.

And ArtResin for the epoxy!

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