"A Quiet Place"

A collection of works inspired by the recent necessity of learning to be with yourself and enjoying a slower lifestyle. Darker, moodier, and calmer colors set the tone of each piece to bring you back to your favorite moment of peace. Whether it be early morning, late afternoon, these pieces explore the way light and shadow play in setting the space. I enjoyed myself immensely in searching for the right photos and references and hope you enjoy the outcome. I'm letting subscribers have the first peek and first choices for the initial week. Shop is at the bottom of the page. Thank you for coming by!  - Viktoriya

...and little behind the scenes

The worst/best helper

Getting some reference images made

Still wet canvas

Adding some highlights to differentiate values

Blocking in midtones and shadows

Workspace before I got my little cart - so much more useful!

Blocking in color

Just a little wierdo selfie.


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